Airport Retail Program

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Airport retail services is one of the key sectors within the aviation industry that is expected to witness spectacular growth in the coming years. With its considerable expertise in training and placements, Supreme Career Academy has charted a thorough curriculum that comprehensively trains the student on a wide range of key technical skills such as ground operations and passenger relationship management, as well as personality development and grooming skills. This course by Supreme Career Academy gives students the added impetus they need to excel in a career as a ground service staff for all major domestic and international airlines.

India is soon becoming one of the leading job providers in aviation industries. It is noted that by 2020 India will stand third in the race. As the aviation industry is soaring high, the demand for staff candidate has also increased. The staffs are also represented as ground crew in the aviation language. The demand of the staffs is increasing with the number of cargos being delivered through airlines.

Supreme Career Academy is one of the best airport retail training institutes in Kolkata that provides practical training to the candidates to get the airport job.